Opening Lines: Deborah Lightfoot.

I’m reblogging “Opening Lines” from On The Plum Tree with my thanks to Niamh Clune for featuring the first lines of Waterspell Book 1. It’s an honor to be excerpted on her outstanding book blog.

Dr Niamh On The Plum Tree

I thought it might be great to feature the opening lines of some novelist friends of mine. After all, if the opening lines don’t grab you, you probably won’t read on. How about the opening lines of Deborah Lightfoot’s novel, The warlock? It grabs me!


“Waterspell Book 1: The Warlock”

“Carin felt the hoofbeats before she heard them—a barely noticeable tremor underfoot, hardly enough to suggest the approach of a rider but enough to stop her mid-stride.

She turned and studied the leafless trees. Nothing moved. No breeze rattled the branches, no acorn fell to earth, no dead limb snapped. Nothing relieved the woodland’s emptiness.

But she was no longer alone under these oaks. A season on her own had taught her what solitude felt like, and it didn’t feel like this.”

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