I’ve Moved to the Real Waterspell.net

Too Much InformationThe domain name Waterspell.com has been mine since 1999, and its companion, Waterspell.net, since the year 2000. Over time, those addresses have forwarded to various websites, included the funky purple site that I created way back then.

Finally I’ve gained the technical skills to establish the “real” Waterspell.net at its own address, no forwarding needed. No more reliance on WordPress.com, though I’m still using the WordPress plug-in, so my “real” site looks much the same as this learning-the-ropes WordPress.com site.

Going forward, however, I’ll be posting updates only on the “real” Waterspell.net. Gotta say, I’ll miss some of the other bloggers with whom I’ve interacted here. Undoubtedly, I’ll lose some followers, too, who fail to bookmark my permanent address. I’m hoping, though, that years of consistency with the Waterspell.net domain name, while redirecting visitors to whatever platform I was using at various times, will cut down on the inevitable confusion.

I’m looking forward to having more control over my “real” site, without the restrictions imposed by WordPress.com. Maybe I’ll even figure out how to post book trailers — something I’ve never mastered here.

See you at the “real” Waterspell.net, I hope!

(For more about the differences between the free WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org, check out this useful guide.)

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